Our Model

We envision a world where houses of worship and faith-based nonprofits are leaders in clean energy adoption.

Program Goal

Solar Faithful aims to increase solar access among houses of worship and faith-based nonprofits. A key program objective is to build a more inclusive movement for climate justice, and to tell a new story about who can access and benefit from energy transformation (energy efficiency and renewable energy).

We educate staff and congregants, helping to make the connection between creation care and faith.

Our educational offering builds an inclusive job training component to engage People of Color in the trades and lifting people out of poverty in the communities where these projects take place.

Organization Structure

The Solar Faithful project team, which includes the Climate Witness Project, World Renew, Michigan Interfaith Power & Light, Chart House Energy, and other partnering organizations are partnering to increase adoption of solar in Houses of Worship.


  • Houses of worship
  • Religious schools
  • Faith-based nonprofits

Solar Adoption Model

Solar Faithful offers two primary options for solar adoption.

Direct Purchase

  • Purchase the system with any combination of donations, budget and borrowing. We can connect the participating organization with lenders.
  • The organization decreases their electric bills and that savings pays for the cost of the system.
  • Solar installer can provide operations and maintenance services.
    After the system is paid off, 100% of the system savings are realized.
  • This option offers an organization the best economics, but also involves risk and operational responsibility.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • Participating congregations and nonprofit organizations sign 25-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to purchase power generated by the solar arrays with an initial 10% lower rate than they currently pay the utility. This enables the congregation to generate their electricity using solar at no upfront cost.
  • Solar Faithful provides a “no loss” guarantee that the PPA rate will never be higher than the savings realized from the solar power generated.
  • A turn-key program that includes maintenance. Chart House Energy will own and maintain the array (panels, inverters, etc.) and provides for one removal and replacement if required during the 25-year PPA.
  • At the end of the agreement there are three options
    • Continue the PPA
    • Take title of the system at no cost
    • Ask for removal of the system



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