Solar Faithful Events

We envision a world where houses of worship and faith-based nonprofits are leaders in clean energy adoption.

Upcoming Events & Presentations

Past Events & Presentations

11.30.23 Webinar for the Community of Christ

Passcode: ECkB4@Ua

10.26.23 Webinar for the Evangelical Lutheran Church

Passcode: Wn9$#6gv

10.23.23 Webinar for the United Methodist Church

Passcode: 6+LUgd#j

06.22.23 Webinar for the Episcopal Church

04.27.23 Webinar for interfaith group

Passcode: 8++2lauk

03.16.23 Webinar for interfaith group

Passcode: n=9jsh!e

02.09.23 Webinar for Climate Witness Project partners

Passcode: AX73V^XS

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